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About hiding the header menu

Question asked by yosk on Nov 28, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by yosk

I use Alfresco Share.

Based on

The following contents were edited, and the menu could be hidden.

(Add the following)
 widgetUtils.deleteObjectFromArray(model.jsonModel, "id", "HEADER_SITES_MENU");
 widgetUtils.deleteObjectFromArray(model.jsonModel, "id", "HEADER_PEOPLE");
 widgetUtils.deleteObjectFromArray(model.jsonModel, "id", "HEADER_REPOSITORY");


On the search result screen, the hidden menu will be displayed again.
Where is the web-script of the search result screen.
Please how should I solve this problem?

Thanks in advanced.

 (About environment)
 ・CentOS ver.7
 ・Alfresco Community Edition 201704 GA