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after fresh installtion no admin login possible to share

Question asked by majo on Dec 5, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2018 by majo

Dear all,


I just finished installing alfresco community edition 6.0.7 using on linux using postgresql and tomcat I am not able to login to /share using admin/admin.


But I am able to login to /alfresco using admin/admin ! I am able to run tenant command, use node browser and all other tools from admin console


I already checked the hash_pass within postgresql and this is still the default value 209c6174da490caeb422f3fa5a7ae634 (=> "admin")


I don't get any specific details from log files. Everything looks great from a log perspective !


I only get "Your authentication details haven't been recognized or Alfresco Content Services may not be available at this time."


I already dropped and recreated the database, as well as I already cleaned up and re-deployed alfresco WAR files.


Any ideas ?


Best regards