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Redirect to Log in page every time

Question asked by npavlov on Dec 7, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2019 by npavlov

I installed Alfresco content services 6.0. At startup there are only the following errors and warnings (It’s not obvious to me that they are related to my problem.):

дек 07, 2018 12:35:34 PM org.apache.catalina.util.SessionIdGeneratorBase createSecureRandom
WARNING: Creation of SecureRandom instance for session ID generation using [SHA1PRNG] took [157,307] milliseconds.


log4j:ERROR setFile(null,true) call failed. alfresco.log (Отказано в доступе)


log4j:ERROR Either File or DatePattern options are not set for appender [File].


2018-12-07 12:37:38,144 ERROR [transform.pdfrenderer.AlfrescoPdfRendererContentTransformerWorker] [localhost-startStop-1] Alfresco PDF Renderer is not available for transformations. 11070018 Remote Alfresco-PDF-Renderer check failed to connect or to read the response


дек 07, 2018 12:37:40 PM$6 attempt
WARNING: office process died with exit code 81; restarting it


2018-12-07 12:38:43,502 WARN [scripts.servlet.X509ServletFilterBase] [localhost-startStop-1] clientAuth does not appear to be set for Tomcat. clientAuth must be set to 'want' for X509 Authentication
2018-12-07 12:38:43,502 WARN [scripts.servlet.X509ServletFilterBase] [localhost-startStop-1] Attempting to set clientAuth=want through JMX...
2018-12-07 12:38:43,571 WARN [scripts.servlet.X509ServletFilterBase] [localhost-startStop-1] Setting clientAuth=want on MBean:Catalina:type=ProtocolHandler,port=8080


07-Dec-2018 12:39:03.107 WARNING [localhost-startStop-1] org.apache.catalina.startup.SetContextPropertiesRule.begin [SetContextPropertiesRule]{Context} Setting property 'debug' to '100' did not find a matching property.


when I try to log in to the share (:8080/share/page/), after log in, I again get to the login page (there are no messages on page. Moreover, if you enter the wrong password, the message appears). However, there are no errors or warnings in the log. I go to Alfresco pages (:8080/alfresco/) without errors.

So in share i can see only login page. Could you help me with that?