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Alfresco Community 4.2.c Paginator

Question asked by joke157 on Dec 14, 2018


I'm trying to add some extra filters to alfresco task page. As I know, everytime a filter is changed it redirects to url #, a then a method extracts information from the filter configuration what should be in request.


On the same page we have the tasks displayed in a datatable. It's managed by a Paginator. Is there a way to make the paginator show all records on one page? It there even an option for it? We have set maxCount to 400, but still we would want to make the option to show all tasks on one page possible. I have tried adding a checkbox somewhere, but it works only after  you change a filter.

Maybe there's a way to just bind an on click function to that checkbox to reload the data table with new parameters in request?


My second question is, is it possible to add a new filter which would took two inputs, fromDate and thrueDate, and then it would show tasks from those dates?