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Where can I get basic information about implementing Community Alfresco?

Question asked by sgarcata on Dec 16, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2018 by sgarcata

where I don't have to know what node.js is or ubuntu or any platform specific technical information? I am part of a Community Emergency Response Team that is building a Drupal web site to support our members in developing materials and projects for us to better serve our community. We have a Drupal 7 web site nearly complete, running on an Apache server at a shared host service (Bluehost). We are challenged with the document management part of our work and hope that Alfresco can support that, but I'm at a loss as to how / where the two applications (Alfresco and CMIS engine) reside and how they are all managed to talk to one another given that Drupal is running at a remote site.


I have watched a lot of videos, talked to Tapp, taken many paths (some very obtuse) in the alfresco web site without coming close to having my questions answered. I'm not even sure where to be asking this question. I just need to know if alfresco is even remotely able to help us. We are all volunteers so hiring an expert is not an option.


I would also like to see somewhere the various "aspects" of Alfresco explained: Alfresco Share, Alfresco One, Records Management


I would appreciate any insights as to where to look next.


Saroj Gilbert