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Changing the admin password has no effect

Question asked by spomerville on Dec 20, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by janv

I've got an alfresco enterprise 6.0 installation running within a docker/openshift environment. I'm trying to change the default admin password to something other than the default. I've followed the instructions here to update the password: Admin password in default authentication | Alfresco Documentation


I also set the new password hash in my global properties file, but I think are only used at the startup of a new instance:


When I query my database to see the password hash using the below query I see the new hash that I expect with my new password:
SELECT anp1.node_id,
FROM alf_node_properties anp1  
   INNER JOIN alf_qname aq1 ON = anp1.qname_id   
   INNER JOIN alf_node_properties anp2 ON anp2.node_id = anp1.node_id    
   INNER JOIN alf_qname aq2 ON = anp2.qname_id                    
WHERE aq1.local_name = 'password'
AND aq2.local_name = 'username'
AND anp2.string_value = 'admin';

But my problem is that this new password never seems to take effect. I've restarted alfresco content services several times. Each time I try to connect using the CMIS workbench it requires using the old, default user and password.

If I start up a fresh instance of alfresco locally in a docker container the password updates and seems to work fine. But the instance that I'm having trouble with I would like to avoid wiping out the schema and starting fresh, if at all possible.


Thanks for any tips or suggestions!