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How to Call Remote API from ADF 

Question asked by vidhipanchal on Dec 21, 2018
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I have configure my adf with alfresco by giving Ip address like and i am also able to login.

Now I am trying to call custom webscript from adf using below api

import * as AlfrescoApi from 'alfresco-js-api';
alfrescoJsApi: any;
constructor(private apiService: AlfrescoApiService) {
   this.alfrescoJsApi = new AlfrescoApi({ provider: 'ALL' });
   this.alfrescoJsApi.core.webscriptApi.executeWebScript('GET', 'api/task-instances?authority=' +    this.authService.getEcmUsername())


but api is call localhost url like this

insted of my configured ip.


How can i solve this?