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Service tasks are executed multiple times

Question asked by simonovdenis on Dec 21, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2018 by ruudg

Hello All.

Maybe it is the known issue - I have multiple service tasks in process, which are supposed to be called one by one. The issue is, that some of them are called multiple times. To be more presize - I have 3 service tasks, first one is called 1 time, second one is called 3 times, third task is called 2 times(I can see it in debug). Simplified process looks so:

<process id="simple-test" name="simple-test">
    <startEvent id="start"/>

    <sequenceFlow sourceRef="start" targetRef="firstServiceTask" />

    <serviceTask id="firstServiceTask" name="First Service Task"
                 flowable:delegateExpression="${firstJavaDelegateSpringBean}" />

    <sequenceFlow sourceRef="firstServiceTask" targetRef="secondServiceTask" />

    <serviceTask id="secondServiceTask" name="Second Service Task"

    <sequenceFlow sourceRef="secondServiceTask" targetRef="thirdServiceTask"/>

    <serviceTask id="thirdServiceTask" name="Schedule Auction Specification Event Action"

    <sequenceFlow sourceRef="thirdServiceTask" targetRef="end"/>

    <endEvent id="end"/>

Have you ever faced similar behavior? how did you solve it for yourself?