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.msg Mimetype Unknown issue while uploading from SAP using Connexus

Question asked by rjgowrishankar on Dec 31, 2018

Hi All,


This is my first post in Alfresco Community.


Background of the Issue

SAP is our front end system

Connection to Alfresco ACS is via Connexus

ACS Alfresco is our Back end for storing the documents


Users are attaching documents in SAP and the same is stored in Alfresco ACS and it is working perfectly fine for almost all attachments except for outlook email attachments ( *.msg)


What is strange about this issue is that it is working fine when it is tried over within the company network but it does not work when the same is done over VPN(Global Protect).


Another issue is that even within the organisation network it does not work for few.


After multiple analysis we found that the issue is due to Mimetype not getting updated.  For some it gets updated as Unknown while some users it correctly gets updated.   But we are unable to find out why does this issue arise in first place.


Can anyone suggest where exactly the issue is and how to resolve it



1. It is mostly not related to SAP authorization – Since User1 ID is working as expected in User 2 Laptop
2. It is mostly not related to SAP GUI since it is working correctly in User2 machine in Quality
3. Issue is most likely related to Mimetype not getting updated correctly during upload


Issue faced for below Cases



Works perfectly fine for below Mimetypes