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Integrating to Alfresco 6 using apache chemistry: multiple contentstream to a document

Question asked by d20r on Dec 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2019 by jpotts

Hi guys.


I'm used to work with FileNet CE and now i'm new at Alfresco that is the reason why I have some doubts which I would like to confirm.


I'm trying to  integrate with Alfresco 6 using Apache Chemistry and realized i can't create a document (cmis:document) including more than one contentstream (more than one file). Is that some sort of limitation from CMIS 1.1 only or Alfresco as well?


Ex: i need to include some .jpg files within the same document.


If there is a limitation, then which would be the best solution?

In relation to Apache Chemistry, is there any other better option to integrate?




PS: Sorry if i'm making some mistake with this question.