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How to design process with view and edit mode?

Question asked by amruta.w on Jan 4, 2019
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Hello All,


I have process as shown below.

  1. Here I have two task i.e., Draft and Review.(fig1)
  2. In draft i have outcomes as "save & submit".
  3. When i click on save the draft task should display in read only mode so for this i have created the new task as Draft view using display value pallet element(fig 2), in the draft view i have again outcome like edit, submit.
  4. when i click on edit again it moves to draft task. The thing is here i have created the new task for draft view. As this is simple process i can create but for complex project it requires me to create one extra task.
  5. And for the review also i have review view task.



Can anyone provide me the solution to avoid creating the task as draft view and review view.


Bassam Al-Sarori


Thanks & Regards

Amruta Wandakar