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Set a property of type d:content via REST API

Question asked by daniil on Jan 3, 2019
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Hi all,

How would I create a new node with d:content property via REST API?


I created a custom type containing a property of type d:content:

<type name="thy:daniilFolder">
    <title>Daniil Folder</title>
        <property name="thy:folderProp">
        <property name="thy:folderDoc">
            <index enabled="true">

I'm trying to create a new node of this type using nodes/{nodeId}/children REST API like so:


"name":"Daniil Folder 2019",
"properties": {
"thy:folderProp": "Some prop",
"thy:folderDoc": "...base64-encoded representation of a PDF file..."

thy:folderProp gets set correctly, however thy:folderDoc is being set to an empty file:


"thy:folderDoc": {
"size": 0,
"locale": "en_US",
"id": 392,
"infoUrl": "contentUrl=|mimetype=|size=0|encoding=|locale=en_US_"