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How to create a BPMN model (with forms) in Activiti Modeler and deploy to Alfresco 6

Question asked by glaucocastro on Jan 10, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2019 by mme


I've just downloaded Alfresco Content Services Community Edition 6.0 - General Release: 201806 (Docker Version) and I have a few questions regarding Alfresco 6 and Acitiviti Integration.


1) Is it possible to use Acitviti Modeler to create a BPMN model with forms and deploy it to ACS 6? Is there any documentation on it?

2) Where can I download the latest version of Activiti Modeler? Which version is the latest one?

3) Is it possible to deploy Acitviti Modeler App in this Docker Version I'm running?

3) Can I access forms created with Acitiviti Modeler using ADF? If so, is there any documentation on it?

4) Which Acitiviti version is ACS 6 running (docker version)?


My use case is very simple. I just wanted to have alfresco running as a Content Server, create my UI using ADF, have Acitiviti Modeler to create my models and have Process Server as my process engine, integrated with Alfresco. Pretty much what something like the image below.