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How to prevent administrators to search into user spaces form the search box

Question asked by philip.j.adam on Jan 14, 2019
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Some of our users use their space to store their personnal files.


When I use the search box of our alfresco, it retrieves files from user spaces which are personnal and shouldn't be displayed to me.


I suppose alfresco looks into every user space folder because I'm a member of ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATORS group etc. but I should NOT be able to see files from other users' spaces so easily with the search. OK to access files if I manually dive into the folder but when I use the search box I want to be like any simple user.


Is it possible to prevent this to happen? It would be easy to solve this problem by adding DENY permissions to user spaces for instance to say "ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATORS DENY read on USER SPACES or one user space" but it seams impossible.


Thank you