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Alfresco integration with azure AD for user/group sync

Question asked by rajeshjha9 on Jan 15, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2019 by rajeshjha9

Hello everyone,


We have need to integrate Alfresco with Azure AD for users/groups synchronization and authentication.  Just wondering if anyone had similar requirement and it was possible to do so.  Basically I am trying to find answer for:


1) If it is possible to sync users and groups from Azure AD to Alfresco similar to what is possible with on-premise AD.

2) If it is possible to configure Azure AD authentication with Alfresco.


There is not much I can find from internet about this. I could come across following URL:


"GET IT NOW" button takes me to page: 


As Alfresco supports SAML it may be possible to configure SAML based SSO with Azure AD but I am not able to find out any documentations specific to Alfresco.



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