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What is the reason of using DNS service in Getting Started setup?

Question asked by attilio on Jan 16, 2019

I am referring to the following resources:


Activiti 7 Deep Dive Series - Deploying and Running a Business Process 

activiti-cloud-charts/activiti-cloud-full-example at master · Activiti/activiti-cloud-charts · GitHub 


I understand that is a DNS service which basically converts any host <WHATEVER>.<IP> to <IP> address.


I don't understand, why we need this step, what benefit does it provide?


I did the installation locally (without Ingress), only using the IP addresses, instead of the corresponding * host names, and it worked. So is it because of Ingress that we do need host names (in other words: is it true, that Ingress would not work without the * hosts?)


In the mentioned sources I found some hints, as to why the host name might be needed, but it is still not clear for me:


The activiti example install process is simpler if services are exposed with a wildcard DNS and the DNS is mapped to an ingress in advance of the install.

Question: why is it simpler to type e.g. than (Obviously there is some other point I'm missing.)


This will allow you to access your services by name under the same domain.

Question: so is the point of hostname only to be able to type rather than, i.e. to get a better readable (albeit longer) host name?