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Upgrade Alfresco 4.2 with RM in Muti-tenant Mode

Question asked by mxi386 on Jan 20, 2019

Hello everyone,

Is there any possibilities to migrate a Multi-Tenants Environment to a simple share sites?

We have a 4.2.e Alfresco Setup version, with MT and Record Management. In order to upgrade this installation to the latest version 5.2.

We find some articles explaining that it is not possible to maintain Alfresco 5.2 with RM in Multi-tenant mode

So, in our existing installation (4.2), each tenant has its own Documents and Users permissions

And, each tenant has one Record Management site


So,if we can't upgrade  all the system with RM and MT mode, we try to disable the MT mode, without losing data. And switch each Tenant to a share site (import tenant infostore and export it to a share site)


Is it possible to do it ? or is there any best solution to upgrade this environment ?