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How to call a URL if new document enters folder

Question asked by fabermundi on Jan 21, 2019
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I have a java applications where the user can add documents using alfresco. If fact the user uploads (scans) a document that is moved to the corresponding application folder then it is display in the corresponding application.
To check if there are new documents I have a timer that checks the folder (poll).
I want to change that to do a "push" when a new document arrives. I realize this I wanted to program a "push server" that notifies the client application of new documents. What I need is that alfresco calls a URL (containing the ID of the document) when a new document arrives but unfortunately I do not know how to realize this. The easiest method would be that I create a rule on the corresponding alfresco folder to call the URL but I did not managed to write a script to do this (I did not found out how to open an external URL in a script).

Does anyone can help or does anyone knows a better solution to realize a "push" of new documents to my applications?

Thanks in advance.