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How can we change the Font/Text Size of the Alfresco Office Services Integration so that it is readable on Retina Displays

Question asked by sst-twe on Jan 24, 2019

We have Customers that have Retina Displays (4k)


When they connect to Alfresco using Mapped Network drive in Windows they get the Sharepoint web View. The font / Text Size however is very tiny and does not adapt to the display.


I have found a Ticket describing how to edit the Template but it is out of date. [MNT-14917] Ability to customize AOS web views for MS Office integration - Alfresco JIRA  I am unable to find the .xml file in order to tell Alfresco to use a that template However. And the Template is quite complex for people new to Alfresco.


* Where can I obtain the .xml file example that tells Alfresco to use my Template from Filesystem rather than the one packaged inside the Jar.

** Where can I obtain the knowledge to write these .xml files from scratch. (What Tech are they based on)


* What would be the best way to support 4K displays? (Edits in main.css? or rather inline inside the Template)

** If the .css files. do you guys know a Guide how to edit them?


Thank you for any Answers and Greetings