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cannot connect to http://localhost/alfresco/service/cmis

Question asked by banishjha on Jan 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2019 by banishjha

Hi , 

I am new to Alfresco . And i am trying to hit the api using the .NET framework . But somehow i am not able to hit the below URL : http://localhost/alfresco/service/cmis . I am using the DotCMIS.dll but somehow it responds me as sendFailed. Please find my code below : 


 Dictionary<string, string> parameters = new Dictionary<string, string>();

 parameters[DotCMIS.SessionParameter.BindingType] = BindingType.AtomPub;

 parameters[DotCMIS.SessionParameter.AtomPubUrl] = "http://localhost/alfresco/service/cmis";

 parameters[DotCMIS.SessionParameter.User] = "admin";

parameters[DotCMIS.SessionParameter.Password] = "********";

 SessionFactory factory = SessionFactory.NewInstance();

  ISession session = factory.GetRepositories(parameters)[0].CreateSession();


I am getting the error as Send Failed . Can you please help me out if i am missing something . As i want to implement the search document api .


Any reference URL and help is appreciated .


Thanks !!