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Default Workflow Path for v5.2 and v6

Question asked by erichkey on Jan 25, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2019 by douglascrp

Recently our custom workflow gave an error regarding the destination folder

for a document. Upon clicking Approve or Reject I receive this error.

I managed to rebuild the workflow with the Activiti bpmn, make an exact copy of the original workflow. The problem I am now encountering has to do with the default path of the Workflow. Currently the default path looks as follow: Repository > User Homes > [username] > [Company Name] > Alfresco > Workflow. What concerns me is the fact that the location on our Alfresco is that it lies within the User Homes folder which I doubt is the correct path.


I made a test vm with alfresco v6 to test the workflow but I could not find a default path. Maybe there is a path through the back-end? Please keep in mind I did not do the original setup of alfresco nor the custom workflow.


Essentially I just need to find out where is the correct location to place the workflow.


Thanks in advance for any help.