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Activiti 5.22 - findIdentityLinksByTaskId returns IdentityLink with null id during closeTask

Question asked by oszust002 on Jan 25, 2019

Hey, I have a problem, that when I try to close task (assigned to user), I get NullPointerException.


I know that during closing task Activiti runs deleteTask in TaskEntityManager, where deleteIdentityLinksByTaskId is run.


Problem is, when activiti queries for identity links in deleteIdentityLinksByTaskId, it gets single IndentityLink, with null id, which is not even on DB (actually, on DB there is no identity link for this task id). 


Funny thing is that when I put assignment during process modelling in modeler, problem vanishes (Normally there are no assignments, process is without pools/lanes, it's simple process with 2 User Tasks)


Does anyone have seen this this kind of problem?