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How to eliminate Slow Queries and What are the reasons of Performance increase after Restructuring Documents inside Alfresco?

Question asked by warcraft.2 on Jan 30, 2019

My organization is using Alfresco 5.0d for Content Store Management. They used to store all the documents inside root folder. There are around 3 Lacs of documents inside root folder now. Alfresco is performing very slowly now. 

I can see a lot of slow queries taking from 2 sec to 100 sec for performing db search for fetching metadata of documents.

I tried to do the restructuring of documents by organizing every 10k documents inside new folders. This drastically improved Alfresco Performance.

Is there is any kind of benefit in restructuring 3 lacs of documents in root folder to 30 folders containing 10k folders.

Still i see some of the 30 sec Solr Tracking Queries in my db logs, what should i do to eliminate these types of slow queries?

I have already tuned Postgresql and Alfresco.

Please Help.