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Get users in group via a paging result using the AuthorityService

Question asked by kring on Jan 30, 2019
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Is it possible to get the users from an Alfresco group as a paging result by using the AuthorityService in Java?


I have been looking at the methods of the AuthorityService but I cannot find an appropriate method to do this. The methods that come closest to what I need are these two:


public PagingResults<String> getAuthorities(AuthorityType type, String zoneName, String displayNameFilter, boolean sortByDisplayName, boolean sortAscending, PagingRequest pagingRequest);




public Set<String> getContainedAuthorities(AuthorityType type, String name, boolean immediate);


The former method can provide a paging result as needed, but not for a specific group only, and the latter can provide the users for a specific group but not as a paging result. Is there a way in which I can get the combined functionality of these two methods, i.e. get the users in a given group as a paging result?