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CMIS Atom server port

Question asked by stevem on Feb 2, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2019 by cesarista

Hi All


I'm setting up an Alfresco 6 Community repository that uses a plugin fro Microsoft Office so that users can edit files from their Outlook.


We expose the Alfresco repository on port 8080 and make it available to the host machine in the docker-compose.yml file. We proxy all https:// requests to http://alfresco:8080 from within an Nginx docker container but http://alfresco:8080 is also exposed to the host for other API's including 3rd party CMIS clients.


The first request to the CMIS endpoint is over https://<fqdm>/..../atom. This works and return the XML document correctly.



The problem is the returned atom xml document has the wrong port set for the href elements. It's returning http://<fqdn>:80/.....


We're not running Alfresco on port 80 ? We're running Alfresco on port 8080.


The end result is that any request to one of the href endpoints in the CMIS xml document results in a failure as there is no way to reach Alfresco on port 80.


So my question is "Where did port 80 in these href's come from" ??? and why are they not pointing to 8080 where Alfresco is running ???


Is there a setting in I need to specify to make sure that the returned Atom xml response contains the correct port ???


In the mean time I have worked around this problem by configuring Nginx to proxy request to port 80 to port 8080. This isn't the solution I'm looking for but will do until somebody can explain where the port 80 in the response comes from.