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How to show the time of datetime with seconds in Alfresco date.ftl?

Question asked by sercama on Feb 4, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2019 by sercama

Hi guys,

I need to show a d:date property with seconds in Alfresco Share.


In the model property es defined as it's described in the following image:


In share-config-custom, I've configured this property as it's described in the following image:

I've used out-of-the-box Alfresco date.ftl template and I've configured it for showing and submitting time.


However, the result in Alfresco Share is without seconds, like this:

I need to show 4/2/2019 15:58:23, for example.


I haven't found how to change date time format of date.ftl component.