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Deleting solr files from temp folder, unable to locate user in site and unable to generate audit data.

Question asked by faizrahk on Feb 5, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2019 by faizrahk

Hi All,


Iam facing the below mentioned issue kindly help me to solve this.


Solr files consuming lot of space in tomcat/temp folder, if i delete the WFSTInputIterator1624921927318067824.sorted 

and WFSTInputIterator4465708746233083720.input files then newly created users are not able to locate and also not able to generate the audit data from the deleted date. 


Its consuming lot of space, including all solr files its consuming more than 500gb( unnecessary consuming lot of space) and we cant delete also,


Kindly suggest in solving the problem. 


Iam using alfresco community 5.2, and share site audit extractor for generating audit logs.