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Can Activiti 5.19 DB be upgraded from Postgres v9 to v11

Question asked by tone1036cl on Feb 7, 2019

We have used Activiti version 5.19 in a production environment since 2015 with a Postgres version 9 database.  The database is approximately 70 GB.  We plan to upgrade the Postgres DB from version 9 to version 11. 


Our Activiti application generates approximately 2600 new workflow instances per day, and our workflow instances generally run from 1 to 3 weeks before terminating.  Also, the workflow instances make significant usage of timers to trigger execution of additional steps in the workflows.  


Will Activiti version 5.19 work properly with Postgres version 11 DB?  Are there any known Activiti 5.9 issues with Postgres version 11?  Are there any special concerns we should be aware of when upgrading from v9 to v11?