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How to modify collection on multi-instance.

Question asked by aakashsky on Feb 8, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2019 by abbask01

Hi Team, 

We are creating POC for a project where we will have 4 stages of approval. Let's say the 4 stages are

1. Accountant

2. Manager

3. Owner

4. Delivery Head


A process has started and right now the user task i.e. approval is at the Accountant level. The multi-instance will loop in a collection returned from Java Service class. While the loop is running for that particular set of users, I want to push a new user in it. I'm able to add more users in the collections of manager, owner and Delivery Head because the approval stage is on Accountant Level and the collection call for those approvers is not performed yet.


Is there a way to add new users in the current running loop collection i.e. of Accountant collection? If yes, Please suggest a way, preferably using Java.