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Changing mimetype of inbound mail body from Plain/Text to HTML?

Question asked by thomasd. on Feb 16, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2019 by mehe

Dear Community,


I have successfully setup latest Version of Alfresco Commuity Edition and enabled Inbound eMail. I'm able to send emails to that folder and email body and attachements are shown. The only issue is that although the email is in HTML the mimetype of the Body is automatically set to Plain/Text. 

Is there a way to change this to HTML/Text? I'll tried to set a rule accordingly. The rule works and creates a copy of the Body with "html" Extension and HTML Mimetype, but the Content of the Body is still shown as Plain. If I Change the mimetype manually to HTML it works fine. There must be a way to automate this?


Thanks in Advance for any helpful answer.