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Alfresco Webdav Indexing Issue (Solr6)

Question asked by xzyriel on Feb 19, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2019 by yreg

Hey Folks,


great to be here. I hope someone can help me with my issue i am facing since 2 weeks and could not solve after many research.

First i am a newbee. 


I installed Alfresco Community (Latest version from Git) as docker images on my synology nas. Beside it is a bit slow all seems to be ok, except the SOLR6.


When uploading files via the web interface i can find them back by search. But i don't when i uploaded them via webdav. I am using tha AOS as via the webdav link i am not able to upload. I always receive an error message that the file does exist already (which is not the case, never uploaded before).


I do not have an error message yet, as i said i am new and not really sure where to find it. 


I would appreciate any help as this is a blocker to me to use it. I am planning to bring it live asap.


Here the versions again:


  • Repository 6.1.2-GA
  • Share 6.1.0-RC3
  • Solr6
  • Postgres 10.1