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CMIS API ignores mandatory field validation for custom types

Question asked by desai5 on Feb 20, 2019

I am new to Alfresco and trying to explore community edition 5.2

I have created new custom types and their properties. Using CMIS api to upload a document and set properties. One of the properties set required but when while adding it through programmatically, it ignores the field mandatory constraint.


I read that it would require an explicit config to enforce the validation like below -

<mandatory enforced="true">true</mandatory>

but it is not taking effect.


I have a couple of questions -

  • Where does a model xml file store? (alfresco-community\alf_data\solr4\model) I made a change at this location which didn't take any effect. It even allows me to delete the file so not sure?
  • What would be the file name for this config where model config stored?
  • How to enforce mandatory field validation? Is there any other option?



Appreciate any help!