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Reading Custom Type properties doesnt work

Question asked by marwen on Feb 20, 2019

Hello All,


i am running a rule on a folder in acs ... when doc (from type pt:TransmittalDoc is created (through APS)) the code reads the information related to that doc and show them in log ... here is my code:


function main()
var name =["cm:name"];
logger.system.out("show name "+name);
var title =["cm:title"];
logger.system.out("show title "+title);
var desc =["cmdescription"];
logger.system.out("show desc "+desc);
var rev =["pt:Revision"];
logger.system.out("show revision "+rev);


the problem with my code is that sometimes it show this in log:

show name code.xml

show title coding
show desc quote
show revision rev01


and sometimes


show name code.xml

show title null
show desc null
show revision null

most times it doesnt work and it is so random.. anybody knows why i am having this behaviour ? ( only the name is always shown)