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ADF 2.6.1 Application and CAS

Question asked by pcharsle on Feb 22, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2019 by pcharsle

We use Apache mod_auth_cas with Alfresco 5.2.3 and Apereo CAS 5.2.4. This works very well and was straightforward to setup.

We have now built an ADF 2.6.1 application and are unsure about whether the process we are following to include our application in the CAS authentication is correct. We are doing the following:

  1. Configure our CAS server to also act as an OAUTH2 OIDC provider
  2. Add oauth2 settings to the app.config.json file (attached) which point to our CAS server/OAUTH2 provider
  3. Deal with any CORS issues as described in these forums


We have made the changes in step 2 based on the documentation here alfresco-ng2-components/ at development · Alfresco/alfresco-ng2-components · GitHub  but are not entirely sure whether our understanding is correct.


We would be very grateful if someone could confirm whether the process we are following is correct.