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How to activate the asyncExecutor with the ProcessRuntime API?

Question asked by kraussj on Feb 23, 2019

Hi Alfresco Community,

i use the ProcessRuntime API to run a process model in a small spring boot application.

The process model has some tasks with activiti:async="true" and activiti:exclusive="false" annotations.

When i run a process instance, activiti keeps telling me that these are not valid annotations as long as i do not run the asyncexecutor. I know this from activitii 6.0, where i was used to configurate the ProcessEngine via the activiti.cfg.xml. It does not seem to work anymore because the ProcessEngine and the ProcessRuntime seem to have nothing to do to each other.


I want to configurate stuff like the activation of the asyncExecutor, the amount of threads for it or the timeout for jobs. What is the correct way to do it with the new ProcessRuntime API? 


Thanks in advance