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Reading alfresco metadata from java code

Question asked by sanketmohite on Feb 26, 2019
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Hello Alfresco experts,


Need your urgent help in one issue which we are facing.


We are using alfresco community version 4.0 with Tomcat 6.0 and postgres 9.5


We wanted to store encrypted data in alfresco. As there was already some data posted to alfresco we wanted to distinguish this data with newly uploaded encrypted data. We decided to use a flag in alfresco metata. So we deployed alfresco model file adding this metadata and deployed code.

Attached below is the code sniplet (readModel.txt) which we used.


This functionality works fine stand alone but in production environment where lot many users using it for download, it throws "Too many file open error" (attached error screenshot)


Any suggestion to get this resolved will be highly appreciated


Thanking in anticipation.