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How to install ACS 6.1 in local using distribution zip?

Question asked by jigir.shah on Mar 4, 2019
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I am trying to install ACS 6.1 in my local windows 10 machine using this link.

Installing using distribution zip | Alfresco Documentation 


I don't find any information for configuring new DB for this installation. I tried using Postgres and MySQL DB both for this installation. However, I am getting errors on startup as server is not able to create DBs and Tables. It looks like DB scripts are missing somehow in distribution zip. I tried using my existing ACS 5.2's DB. I copied alf_data of current versions to this newer one. 
Still ACS 6.1 server is not able to start. Logs gets stuck at one point and not moving forward.


What I am missing here? What could be the reason? How can I install ACS 6.1 in tomcat? Requesting Alfresco to provide more clear steps on DB Configurations.

I have attached folder structure for this.




Jigir Shah