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Need to have an isolan-based Alfresco CE 201707 communicate through firewall on 443 to another instance of Alfresco CE 201707

Question asked by lsk65 on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2019 by angelborroy

So..., the situation exists that I'm being asked to create a configuration that will allow us to send files stored in Alfresco CE 201707 in an isolated network through a firewall to another Alfresco CE 201707 over HTTPS/443.  I'm starting to realize there are really three parts minimum to this scenario:


  1. Export/Import files (doc, xls, csv, etc) in bulk to stage or into site

  2. Connect through firewall and be able to communicate file data over HTTPS/443

  3. Communicate across 443 at several periods during the day to transfer files in #1


A little perplexed since there seems to be no exact procedure within the native controls of the software to accommodate this entire requirement?  Can you offer any ideas where to go with this next?