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Custom Permission : Hide Content and Show Properties only

Question asked by yash.patel.c2 on Mar 11, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2019 by afaust

Hello everyone,


I am trying to create custom permission which should only display the properties of the file, content should not be visible.


Custom Permission which I have created is as below

<permissionGroup name="demoConsumer" allowFullControl="false" expose="true">
            <includePermissionGroup permissionGroup="ReadProperties" type="sys:base"/>
            <includePermissionGroup permissionGroup="ReadChildren" type="sys:base"/>


when I apply this permission on content,I expect properties to be visible but nothing is visible on the screen as shown in below screenshot..



I even tried with only ReadProperties permission but result is the same. Is there any way I can only show properties and not the content?