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Replication (HTTP/HTTPS) between to seperate installs of Alfresco CE 5.2.4

Question asked by lsk65 on Mar 12, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2019 by angelborroy


Hello All,


I have mastered replication between two different and distinct Alfresco sites over HTTP.  Unfortunately, I will require the transfer to be HTTPS and so far I have been unsuccessful.  Do you have any advice?


I followed the manual pages selecting no proxy in test mode and during the editing of the transfer target group I have succeeded when the endpoint protocol was http on 8080.  When following the directions for a change to https, I met with SSL verification errors and such--I think this problem may call for a self-signed perhaps?  The only two things that changed then were the protocol and port which I configured to 7070--default shown in the procedure to switch to https.


In closing, thanks for the advice if you please...