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Retry doesn't seem to work after encountering ActivitiException.

Question asked by krish18 on Mar 12, 2019

I am using activiti engine 5.16.1. Activiti workflow is being used in multi-threading environment where different threads are using activiti engine to execute the jobs. I have encountered multiple ActivitiException (due to deadlock issue on sql server) followed by execution of JobRetryCmd, then JobRetryCmd gets an error with following message –

“activitiy or FailedJobRetryTimerCycleValue is null in job 497e9e97-39fb-11e9-b7aa-00505693434e'. only decrementing retries.”

As per logs, it seems no retry is made and the calling method fails with ActivitiException. I have following queries now–


1) Is it a bug that the value of FailedJobRetryTimerCycleValue is 0 and retries is not attempted in case of encountering ActivitiException?
2) If it is not a bug, can we write some custom optimization so that retry can start working if ActivitiException occurs?