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Alfresco ACS 6.1.2ga SSO Authentification with keycloak duplicating users

Question asked by pedrohernandez on Mar 20, 2019
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Hello Everybody and thanks in advance for your help.

We are implementing authentification with keycloak version keycloak: 4.8.3. Final, and we're having the issue that when logging in with any user, it enters in a loop while logging and it creates several duplicate users in alfresco, we wanted to know if this a known issue or maybe my configuration is wrong. find images below, also we're deploying the applications with docker, if you need futher information let me know. thanks:


PD: image shows how user Pedro is duplicated 2 times.


PD: Also it creates a folder for every duplicated user.


Docker configuration looks like this:



ADF configuration looks like this: 



Bellow you can find attached alfresco logs while logging in and the alfresco-realm.json.


we followed this guide to configure our applications.


Getting Started with Alfresco Identity Service EA (Keycloak) 


Again, Thanks for your time and help.