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Problem with alfresco restore

Question asked by mbjelo on Mar 23, 2019
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Hi all,


I have Alfresco community edition 5.2 and I did backup of my database and contentstore, contentstore.deleted and solr4 folders.

Then I installed new server and want to restore content and database from previous server. I did database restore by these steps:


./ start postgresql         // start postgresql


cd /var/www/html/alfresco/postgresql/bin/


./psql -U postgres
ctrl-d (exit)
./psql -U alfresco -d alfresco
ALTER USER alfresco WITH PASSWORD 'mypassword';
ctrl-d (exit)
./pg_restore -d alfresco /home/temp/alfresco_db.tar  
exit    // from postgres ID
cd /opt/alfresco-community
./ stop postgresql         // stop postgresq

As I could see database restored without errors.

Also, I deleted contentstore, contentstore.deleted and solr4  folders from my new server and replaced it with folders from previous server I already backed up. But after I did reset of alfresco service and postgres service I have unchanged content in my share repository, I have nothing from my first server, content restore was not successfull.


I want to give one more notice and it is that I changed name of my shared files folder at first server, I don`t know if it can cause problems with backup/restore.


So, Is there any help for my situation.


Best regards,