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How to reassign alfresco usertask to group from wf task form

Question asked by yash.patel.c2 on Mar 25, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2019 by roberto.gamiz

Hi everyone,


I have following functionality... There is one workflow which is started on the document and will be assigned to one user group. Any member of that group will claim the task for review purpose. He/She will check the document and its properties (in wf task form) and will do following task..

1) If all the document and properties are upto the mark - Task will be completed and will be sent to the next user in the wf hierarchy.

2) If any of the property is missing or not upto the mark - He/She will assign that task to some other usergroup from wf task form, where member from that newly assigned group will fill properties in the wf task form.


How can I achieve 2nd flow ?