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How to install Alfresco CMS Community Edition on WebLogic 12.2

Question asked by jant79 on Mar 26, 2019
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I am assigned to the task of installing Alfresco Community Edition v5.2 on WebLogic 12.2 and Oracle database 11gR2.


Here: Installing Alfresco Content Services on WebLogic | Alfresco Documentation it mentions that i will have to start by downloading an alfresco-content-services.ear. Where can i get this file for the Community Edition?


From Alfresco Community Edition 201707 GA file list I have downloaded, but i cannot find an ear file inside, only alfresco.war and share.war.


Can i use them? Is this the right approach?


Here: alfresco with weblogic 12c  a guy has tried this with Alfresco v4.2, where did he get the ear file?


Or should I try to build the ear file myself following this article: GitHub  ? Is this even possible?


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