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How to extend Alfresco.module.DoclibGlobalFolder component?

Question asked by mgralien on Mar 28, 2019



I wolud like to extend / modify functionality of every component which uses YAHOO.widget.Treeview e.g. Alfresco.DocListTree, Alfresco.module.DoclibGlobalFolder. When it comes to Alfresco.DocListTree it was quite easy. E.g. in tree.js I found onNodeClicked method and then I created custom component Alfresco.CustomDocListTree:


YAHOO.extend(Alfresco.CustomDocListTree, Alfresco.DocListTree, {
onNodeClicked: function(args) {, args);
   // custom logic

Next I extended DocLib Tree WebScript using custom tree.get.js and tree.get.html.ftl. After that I can use Alfresco.CustomDocListTree instead of Alfresco.DocListTree component


The problem begun when I would like to extend Alfresco.module.DoclibGlobalFolder component and use them in whole Share application (e.g. in copy / move to action). I was trying to extend DocLib Actions Common WebScript, global-folder WebScript without any success.


I will be grateful for any help.