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We want to exclude keyclock authentication and authorization from activiti 7 cloud as we are getting authorized user to our application using other system. Is there any way to do so?

Question asked by deepikavijay on Mar 29, 2019

I have tried different approache but not able to do so.


Please find the approaches i tried.


Approach 1 :- extending class RuntimeBundleSecurityAutoConfiguration and instead of KeycloakAuthenticationProcessingFilter i created my custom class where in attempttoauthenticate method I override.


Approach 2:- excluding the class using @EnableAutoConfiguration(exclude={RuntimeBundleSecurityAutoConfiguration.class })

So it was giving me exception for KeycloakConfigResolver cyclic dependency.


 Approach 3:- excluding both class using propertry spring.autoconfigure.exclude in but I was getting error as KeycloakConfigResolver is not autoconfiguration we can not exclude it.


Approach 4:- I tried creating a configuration class as suggested by spring boot and tried excluding this class but now I am not getting any exception but somehow flow is going

to RuntimeBundleSecurityAutoConfiguration.


@Retention(value = RUNTIME)

@Target(value = { TYPE })




public @interface MyConfiguration {