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Alfresco share - Tags not displayed in Tag Management

Question asked by imanez1 on Mar 29, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2019 by imanez1

When creating a folder rule with rule criteria 'Has tag', the Select Tag panel doesn't display all tags !


I have tried creating a tag by adding a tag in the file properties but it's still not showing 


I checked the tag management, it's not showing there either!

I'm using activiti for managing workflows, and I tried adding tags like it shows in the code below:


<userTask id="reviewTask" name="Review Task" activiti:formKey="wfa:activitiReviewTaskk"> <extensionElements> <activiti:taskListener event="create" class="org.alfresco.repo.workflow.activiti.tasklistener.ScriptTaskListener"> <activiti:field name="script"> <activiti:string> if (typeof bpm_workflowDueDate != 'undefined') task.dueDate = bpm_workflowDueDate if (typeof bpm_workflowPriority != 'undefined') task.priority = bpm_workflowPriority; </activiti:string> </activiti:field> </activiti:taskListener> <activiti:taskListener event="complete" class="org.alfresco.repo.workflow.activiti.tasklistener.ScriptTaskListener"> <activiti:field name="script"> <activiti:string> execution.setVariable('wfa_reviewOutcome', task.getVariable('wfa_reviewOutcome')); if (task.getVariable('wfa_reviewOutcome') == 'Approve') { bpm_package.children[0].addTag("Approved"); } else { if (task.getVariable('wfa_reviewOutcome') == 'Reject') { bpm_package.children[0].addTag("Rejected"); } } </activiti:string> </activiti:field> <activiti:field name="runAs"> <activiti:string>admin</activiti:string> </activiti:field> </activiti:taskListener> </extensionElements> <humanPerformer> <resourceAssignmentExpression> <formalExpression>${}</formalExpression> </resourceAssignmentExpression> </humanPerformer> </userTask>

The tags are added but still not showing in the tags management!