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How to perform FTS exact-exact phrase searches in Alfresco 6?

Question asked by easy_bd_infra on Apr 4, 2019
Latest reply on May 9, 2019 by angelborroy


I'm testing full text search (FTS) with Alfresco 6.0.7-ga and I have found that the "phrase search" (Search for a phrase | Alfresco Documentation ) is not what I expected.


Our users want to be able to search:

  • for approximate terms: the put the words without quotes and the search is approximate. If they search intelligence, they will find documents with intelligence, intelligent, etc.
  • exact search: they put the words between quotes and they expect to get the exact words in the exact order. If they search for "are animals intelligent", they don't expect to find documents with the text "animal intelligence"


Obviously we will adapt the search performed by the user to the Alfresco syntax.


I've been playing with the exact term search (Search for an exact term | Alfresco Documentation ) but I'm not able to make it work.


How can I do an exact-exact phrase search?


I've tried combinations of quotes("), apostrophe('), back-slash apostrophe (\') and exact search (=), but none seems to work in either "share general search" or "CMIS FTS search".


Thanks in advance,

Jordi Boixadera.