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Unable to upload files in alfresco and SEARCH also not working in Alfresco Community 5.2

Question asked by leela on Apr 10, 2019
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Hello Everyone,


               Iam not able to upload a document in alfresco, could someone help me to fix this. and  search functionality is also not working only users are searchable but not documents.


In log files im able to find only solr parse exception no other errors are logged. I think there is some problem with indexing so im planing to re index and i have 1.93TB of data, can anyone suggest me how to reindex such a huge data? Do i have to follow the same process of reindexing as mentioned in alfresco documents Kindly help to solve this issue. its a high priority.  


Im not able to understand uploading issue is also an solr indexing problem.


Thanks in advance.




Leela N